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Participated Conferences


Year Name Conference Country
2012 Husnawati Yahya The Proceedings of 2nd Annual International Conference Syiah Kuala University 2012 & 8th IMT-GT Uninet Biosciences Conference Indonesia
2013 Husnawati Yahya 2nd International Conference on Environment, Agriculture and Food Sciences Malaysia
2013 Husnawati Yahya Proceedings of The 1st Annual International Scholars Conference in Taiwan Taiwan
2017 Akhmad Zamroni 社團法人中華民國地質學會與中華民國地球物理學會106年年會暨學術研討會 Taiwan
2017 Jintana Chaiwong Taiwan Entomological Society 38th Annual Meeting Taiwan
2017 Jintana Chaiwong 6th International Conference on Agricultural and Environmental Engineering  Thailand
2017 Odchimeg Nyamsvren Taiwan Entomological Society 38th Annual Meeting Taiwan
2019 Agung Dwi Sutrisno 2019農業經濟研討會 Taiwan
2019 Dominikus Deka Dewangga Japan Geoscience Union Meeting Japan
2019 Polina Karimova 10th ESP world conference Germany
2019 Polina Karimova International Symposium on Implementing the Satoyama Initiative Taiwan
2019 Polina Karimova IPSI Case Study Workshop 2018 Japan
Published Papers/Articles


Year Name Published Article/Paper Advisor
2017 Supasit Sriarkarina Integrating the multiple attributes for sustainable development in a national park,” Tourism Management Perspectives Dr. Chun-Hung Lee
2016 Kenrick Winston Williams Changing with the times? Indigenous Q’eqchi Maya responses to disturbances in the Sarstoon Temash social-ecological system, Belize Dr. Hsing-Sheng Tai
2016 Kenrick Winston Williams A multi-tier social-ecological system analysis of protected areas co-management in Belize Dr. Hsing-Sheng Tai
2019 Polina G. Karimova Towards an integrated multi-stakeholder landscape approach to reconciling inconsistent goals and values and enhancing synergies: a case study in Taiwan Dr. Kuang-Chung Lee