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Master's Program (English-taught) on Natural Resources and Environmental Studies


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Beginning Fall 2011, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at National Dong Hwa University has offered an all-English graduate program focusing on ecology, biodiversity conservation, and environmental management. This program is supported by 26 full-time faculty members with expertise spanning ecosystem study and environmental education. Recognizing the complexity of ecosystems and the need to address environmental issues with an inter-disciplinary approach, the mission of this department is to educate students to become innovative and effective stewards of the environment who consider natural systems and human societies.

This program builds on its foundation by integrating courses in ecology and conservation. To promote the inter-disciplinary approach, this program offers courses in earth science and resource management. Specific study plans can be arranged to fit an individual student’s interest. Additionally, we encourage students to participate in local community-based management projects. Connections with universities in China, Japan, Korea, Germany and the USA provide opportunities for short term courses and exchange programs.


Once admitted to the program, students are assigned to academic supervisors who provide advice and guidance for graduate study. The department also organizes the mixture of local and international students into study groups that help students discover academic resources and obtain local experience.


Faculty members in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies are active in their respective areas of specialization. Their rigorous scholarly collaborations with other research institutions and their strong dedication to teaching and research make this department one of the best places in Taiwan for study of conservation biology and environmental-related sciences.